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Explicit Motion StartUp Profile - an innovative device for shooting timeless photos

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Professional recordings and intelligent Time lapses at your fingertips!

​​​​​​​Explicit Motion is a Polish startup that created Explicit Flow, a very easy-to-use time slider designed with the goal of shooting timeless pictures.  Explicit Flow, which is already a prototype, comes equipped with many options like Bluetooth control, recording of movement, time lapse mode, video mode, inductive end-stops length calibration, PID controller, and a camera bulb operation controller which is suited both for beginner photographers and cameramen as well as for professionals in the field of photography and film.

Three different mounts are incorporated for a perfect balance on all terrain types. The Explicit Flow slider is programmed to measure the camera's position and adjust the distance it must cover between shots. Built out of carbon fiber, the slider provides both rigidity and lightness at the same time. It has the exact composition used in the latest Airbus aircraft model. The device uses Bluetooth low energy and Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps are available online!


TWIST Contribution

META first came across Explicit Motion in 2016 when they entered the Microsoft Imagine Cup Poland, held in Warsaw, as part of the TWIST project, which META manages in Poland for the EU Commission.


Explicit Motion won the competition after it surpassed 15 other selected teams which were challenged to pitch their ideas through a video, in the most appealing and convincing way possible. After winning the Microsoft Imagine Cup Poland, Explicit Motion came to Rome, for a 48h Business Marathon where they were also declared the winners with their "Catch your perfect story! You, the night, nature, a sky full of stars and Explicit slider!".


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