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Lean LaunchPad (LLP)

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International Institutions
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META Academy

An experiential learning program meant to direct and
guide early stage entrepreneurs


META created the Lean LaunchPad (LLP) to help entrepreneurs and start-ups in the ICT industry succeed. 

Through a series of training courses, early stage entrepreneurs learn how to navigate the ever-changing and unpredictable landscape of ICT startups. 

The Lean LaunchPad Project is specifically designed for beneficiaries of EU-funded projects (startups and high-tech Small and Medium Enterprises and researchers in the ICT domain) from the following targeted areas: 

  • Open Disruptive Innovation topic of the SMEs Instrument 
  • Future and Emerging Technologies “Open” as well as “Proactive” and eHeatlh and Active & Healthy Ageing. 

Key Points

Turn your innovative idea into a customer-validated startup venture in just a few weeks. 

Entrepreneurs and startups will: 

  • acquire the valuable skills needed to increase the success rate of a company. 
  • get a better understanding of the ICT startup world through experiential learning opportunities 
  • learn how to use market intelligence to establish a product’s or technology’s commercial viability 
  • gain in-depth knowledge of market segmentation, positioning, targeting, value proposition 
  • design a plan to take their innovative technology to the market

The Lean LaunchPad Methodology

The Lean LaunchPad methodology is structured as follows: 

  • up to 6 days of on-site training in dedicated classes, located in a relevant hub for each startup and entrepreneur (2 visits over 2 days and 2 visits in 1 day) 
  • on-line coaching throughout the entire duration of the course 
  • iterative experimentation outside the company with prospective clients and stakeholders. During the training, participants will go through all the phases of a startup and the challenges they will face along the way 
  • Cost structure: LLP training program covers all the necessary steps of cost structure analysis
  • Customer relationships, channel selection: participants learn how to build and maintain good customer relations, and how to better target the channels where their startups will operate
  • Revenue streams: participants will learn to identify revenue streams and the key role they play in a successful startup 

The costs of the coaching and training courses are covered by the EC, with costs for time investment and traveling covered by the participating companies. 

To learn more about Lean LaunchPad, drop us a line right here

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