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Retixa StartUp Profile - Where Big Data Meets Advanced Analytics

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META Investment

Analytics 3.0 class solution for Telcos - the shortcut from network to business.

Retixa connects Advanced Analytics with Big Data to help Communications Service Providers innovate. 

Telecommunications operators need to constantly innovate to fight the commoditization of their services and competition from both other Telcos and other Internet players. 

Unfortunately, their existing corporate culture, complex process-based approaches and complex and inflexible IT systems make this innovation difficult. A new marketing campaign or a product, for example, can take months and cost millions to develop. And while they have very detailed data about their customers’ location, behaviour and needs, the various barriers (technical, cultural and organizational) between different parts of their company prevent Telcos from using this information for business purposes.retixa.png

Hence Retixa. It is an appliance - both hardware and software - which connects Telcos' networks with Business Support Systems from the major vendors in the sector. It is the only solution able to gather large volumes of data, analyse and correlate data from multiple sources in real-time, and provide built-in business knowledge and ready-to-use business scenarios "out of the box".

Investment by META 

The company is led by an experienced ex-IBM team with 15+ years' experience in the telco sector and expertise in Business Analytics, Business Process Management and software development. Retixa was already employing 17 people within 5 months of their launch in 2015, the year of their first seed round.

META Investment invested 1.5 mPLN (350k Euro) in 2015 and another 3 mPLN (700k Euro) in 2016, when Retixa signed their second contract with a telecommunications operator. Since then several more telcos have expressed interest in Retixa’s product, along with the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, which is exploring establishing a team of PhDs to work with Retixa on even more advanced Big Data solutions.

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