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B-Shiver is one of the 30 companies that joined the ELITE programme


Thanks to the partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo through the Italian Microcredit

ELITE, the international program of the London Stock Exchange Group born in the Italian Stock Exchange with the collaboration of Confindustria and dedicated to ambitious companies, with a solid business model and a clear growth strategy, has created the innovative model of the Lounge that leverages the collaboration between ELITE and the banking world. The Lounge model represents a new way of serving the customer with the aim of supporting its growth both at a domestic and international level. The main element is the deep knowledge of the needs of the client companies and the ability of ELITE to engage the change, supporting companies in their development path and supporting them to initiate cultural and organizational changes.

B-Shiver builds, like no other, custom luxury tender up to 24 meters and professional boats. A global icon in the nautical world, B-Shiver is famous for its "dinghies" with unique characteristics, the result of experimentation, technological innovation and craftsmanship

In 2012, META, through the INGENIUM Sardinia Fund, invested € 3,000,000 in B-Shiver. This underwrote their expansion stage, allowing the group to:

  • produce and sell luxury yachts under the Novamarine and Black-Shiver brands, 
  • reach high-worth customers, mainly in the Arabic Peninsula 
  • expand its producing facilities in Sardinia, creating and stabilising jobs. 

 Here the list of the 30 companies that joined the ELITE porgramme:

  • Alinor Alimentari Norditalia
  • Areco Italia
  • Bruno Farmaceutici
  • B-Shiver
  • Burke&Burke
  • Dalmec
  • Di Mauro Officine Grafiche
  • Euromeccanica
  • Farmol
  • Frigel Firenze
  • G. Mondini
  • Gibam Shops
  • IMT Intermato
  • Labanalisys
  • Locauto
  • MBE Worldwide
  • Mediatica
  • Miccolis
  • Network Contacts
  • Nicolaus
  • Orange 1 Electric Motors
  • Osai
  • P.F.C.M.N.A.
  • Plasticenter
  • Serioplast
  • Slowear
  • Soavegel
  • Solari di Udine
  • Teoresi
  • Termoplast