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For the past couple of years, META staff have been sharing their insights on LinkedIn. To stay up to date, connect with META on LinkedIn, Twitter, or simply Subscribe to our enewsletter.

Get some energy into your pitch!

25 July 2018, Francesco Giovanni Rocciola

What happened when five EU-funded research projects trained by META pitched their results at the EU Sustainable Energy Week?  

Proud to see researchers acting entrepreneurially

18 July 2018, Alessia Melasecche Germini

Earlier this month I was in Luxembourg for EBN Congress 2018, where I moderated the Pitch Event with five participants from our FET2RIN training course. While all five made great pitches, the real impact was demonstrating that researchers can pitch their research to wider audiences, given the training.

Follow the White Rabbit: a startup spins out of the EC's Future & Emerging Technologies programme

20 March 2018, Mathew Lowry

It's not often that startups emerge from EC-funded "blue sky research", so we made a video to celebrate. Then it won the EC's video competition.

META's 2018 Challenge: become a Platform-based company

15 January 2018, Luigi Amati

2018 will see us accelerate our evolution as we implement an ambitious digital transformation strategy.

2017: a productive year for investor groups

19 December 2018, Luigi Amati

2017 was generally a productive year for investor groups, as I explained to “Reteconomy”, a business programme on Italy’s SKY Channel.

How to treat your European research project like a startup

23 November 2017, Andrea Di Anselmo

Since early 2016 we’ve helped hundreds of European SMEs, universities and other researchers apply startup techniques to their EC-funded research projects. Here's a first look at what we found.

InMotion, one of our Polish startups, is kicking it on Kickstarter!

23 November 2017, Alessia Melasecche Germini

Remember my post last February about Poland’s startup scene? At META, we put our money where our mouth is.

Talking city innovation strategies at the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Congress

14 November 2017, Anna Amati

As the 2017 City Challenge gets ready to launch, some thoughts from last March, when I took last year’s winners to the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Johannesburg.

Three tips to boost the exploitation of EC Research

9 November 2017, Alessia Melasecche Germini

One of the most challenging and satisfying projects I helped run this year piloted new ways to help EC research projects get research results to market.

My six recommendations on Sustainable Innovation for the Italian Parliament

3 August 2017, Andrea Di Anselmo

Just before the summer break I had the honour of presenting six key policy recommendations on Sustainable Innovation to the Italian Parliament, distilled from CASI, an EC-funded project I’m managing on behalf of META.

Discovering Bucharest's thriving startup scene at ICEE Fest 2017

3 July 2017, Dario Mazzella

Earlier last month I found myself in Bucharest for the Interactive Central Eastern Europe Fest (ICEE Fest 2017), hosting a two-day Lean Startup Academy with META Vice-President Andrea Di Anselmo.

Poland’s startup scene rocks!

27 February 2017, Alessia Melasecche Germini

Over the past couple of months I seem to be tripping over innovative Polish startups every time I walk out the office door.

Greece's untapped potential: Europe

14 February 2017, Francesco Giovanni Rocciola

Only 500 Greek SMEs applied for the EU's SME Instrument research program in its first three years. Worse: only 19 succeeded. Is Greek entrepreneurialism dead?