Angiodroid StartUp Profile - The innovative and exclusive Carbon Dioxide Injector for peripheral intervention

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META Investment

 Angiodroid is part of META Investment's INGENIUM Emilia Romagna Fund.

​META Investment, Italian Angels for Growth (IAG) and Innogest SGR completed two rounds of investment in Angiodroid

Angiodroid is the innovative and exclusive Carbon Dioxide Injector for peripheral interventional angiography below the diaphragm.

The Technology has been developed by company's laboratories during the last 5 years in cooperation with well-known Private and Public Hospitals as well as Italian University. The practice of the CO2 provides significant benefits and a very low rate of complications compared with iodinated contrast.

As is increasingly demonstrated, the use of CO2 as a Contrast Agent can bring considerable advantages in many types of intervention in the field of Interventional Cardiology, Interventional Radiology and Vascular Surgery.
Because of its Gas Properties, Carbon Dioxide in fact can be injected  into each lumen structure (arterial, venous, biliary tract, abscesses, fistulas) below the diaphragm.

The Technology / The Solution


Investment by META 

Following the investment made in 2013 by META Investment and IAG in Angiodroid, the startup company managed to secure a second round of financing of 1,5 million Euro for the international expansion of its operations.

In the new round, together with the original investors, Innogest SGR joined the syndicate with the objective to support the company to grow internationally and pursue an exit. 

"We are particularly happy for the results so far obtained by the company. Sebastiano Zannoli [the entrepreneur] and his team has been able to outperform milestones and to generate first sales already at international level", says Francesca Natali, fund Manager of the Ingenium Emilia Romagna fund.

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