Biogenera - Finding a cure for incurable diseases

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META Investment

 Creating new treatments for previously incurable diseases, with a strong focus on childhood tumors.

BIOGENERA SpA specialises in creating DNA-based, patient-specific biotech medicines for treating serious pathologies.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Bologna, this highly innovative SME has a multidisciplinary team of researchers and draws support from numerous University partnerships (particularly the University of Bologna) and other companies in the biotechnology/pharmaceutical sector.

Thanks to their exclusive MyGeneraTM platform, BIOGENERA can rapidly identify and develop new patient-specific medicines based on blocking, in a highly selective way, mutated and pathological genes. Tackling the problem at its source, rather than treating the symptoms, opens the doors for curing a range of serious pathologies such as tumours, genetic, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative and infective diseases.


META Investment

in 2009 META was the first investor in Biogenera, together with a number of Business Angels.

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