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Supporting use of Future Emerging Technologies Research projects' results

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 Helping Future & Emerging Technology projects out of the lab

While Future and Emerging Technologies have enormous, disruptive potential to change society, they often face much higher barriers to reaching the market. Hence FET2RIN.

The EC's Future & Emerging Technologies (FET) programme invests in transformative frontier research with high potential benefits on Europe's economy and society. It is a unique combination of high risk, long term, multidisciplinary and collaborative research, laying the foundations for disruptive, next generation technologies. 

As one of META Academy's family of "Research Helicopter" training programmesFET2RIN focuses on helping FET researchers reach the market.  

A unique training programme for a unique research programme

FET2RIN focuses on converting proofs of concept into industrial applications and systems.

Key Points:

  • Training - using various innovative methodologies and tools (e.g. exploitation strategy seminars, lean start up approach) to empower participants on how to better validate research results and how to connect with early stage investors and crowdfunding sources
  • Crowdfunding - market acceptancy validation of the most prepared FET projects participating through a crowdfunding platform
  • Investors Matchmaking - helping FET researchers to engage with investors and present their Research & Development results based on Future Emerging Technologies, and the related domains of application. Participants will pitch their ideas in front of real investors.

FET2RIN Training: Infographic


Access the FET2RIN Workshops & Training schedules (pdf)​.

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