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 Investing in both new and already existing companies in Sardinia

INGENIUM Sardegna, launched in 2009, is a 34 million euro fund expansion fund investing in more traditional SMEs with a strong interest in business development. 

Half of the fund's budget is provided by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Italy, and the other half is provided by private investors.

Key Points 

  • financing start-ups and expansion stage companies based in the region of Sardinia; 
  • 34 million EURO under management
  • Resources 50% public – 50% private
  • min 100k€ to max 1.500k€ (per year, out of a max total of 3m€/y)
  • Part of META's INGENIUM family of funds - a sustainable fund model, proven via a range of funds in Italy, Slovenia & Poland, managing between them assets of 92 million euros.

Example Startups 

  • B-Shiver – Through this company, where the INGENIUM Sardegna Fund invested 3M Euros in 2012 to sustain the expansion stage, the SNO Yachts group is producing and selling luxury yachts, under the brand Novamarine and Black-Shiver.

To learn more about INGENIUM Sardegna, drop us a line right here.

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