Seed & Start up co-investment fund for high growth companies

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 INGENIUM Slovenia is an international risk capital fund which targets innovative companies with high growth potential.

Focusing on businesses with a fully committed and well balanced entrepreneurial team and market leadership, INGENIUM Slovenia invested in early stage companies, taking them all the way to the expansion phase. The fund closed in August 2015.

Key Points 

  • seed companies, start-ups and expansion phase stage in Slovenia
  • equity funding, with additional rounds of financing supporting acceleration and internationalization
  • 30% of the funds for cross-border investments 
  • 8,03 million EURO under management; 
  • Resources 50% public – 50% private; 
  • Investments vary from min 50k€ to max 1.500k€ per company
  • Part of META's INGENIUM family of funds - a sustainable fund model, proven via a range of funds in Italy, Slovenia & Poland, managing between them assets of 92 million euros.

Investment Policy 

From early stage all the way to expansion phase.

Targeted industries include value-added manufacturing and service activities, ICT, eco-tourism, nanotechnology, cleantech, renewable energy and bottom of the pyramid services and products.

With a starting financial endorsement of 10 million Euros, INGENIUM Slovenia invested in Slovenia and abroad, with 30% of the fund's budget allocated for cross-border investments.

The Fund managed by META Investment provided equity and quasi-equity means of up to 1,5 million Euros in a single company per year.

Example Startups 

  • BIA Separations - is the leading developer and manufacturer of CIM® (Convective Interaction Media) monolithic chromatographic columns for production, purification, and analytics of large biomolecules. 
  • Folx TV - is a folks music entertainment TV channel, with the entire production and post-production performed in Slovenia, while broadcasting on foreign, mainly German speaking markets (22 million households in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Germanspeaking part of Italy).

To learn more about INGENIUM Slovenia, drop us a line right here.

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