Photon StartUp Profile - toy robots to teach kids to think and code

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 The world’s first robot that grows together with your child

​​​​​​​​​Designed by specialists in the field of psychology, gamification and user experience, Photon​​​​ will both entertain and help each child learn to code and develop logical thinking. And unlike most toys – or indeed most educational tools - it will grow with the child, educating and entertaining them for several years. 

​​Photon combines storytelling with ​advanced technologies to educate children. It comes equipped with a variety of sensors that allow it to see, hear, feel the touch, distinguish between light and dark, measure proximity and more. Combined with a smartphone/tablet app, Photon allows kids to customize their robot, making each unit unique. 

​The Polish SME’s mid-2016 Kickstarter​​ campaign achieved its crowdfunding goal in just five days, eventually raising over $50,000 from 322 backers in over 30 countries. They were awarded a “Projects We Love” commendation by Kickstarter staff – a distinction given to less than 0.5% of all Kickstarter campaigns. Backers will receive​​ their Photon robots during the first quarter of 2017. 


Incubation and Investment by META 

​META first came across Photon in 2015 when they entered the Microsoft Imagine Cup, held in Poland as part of the TWIST project​, which META manages in Poland for the EU Commission. 

Photon won, and moved into the Microsoft Imagine Cup Acceleration Program. The same year, META’s Xplorer Fund - the first proof of concept science fund in Poland - invested in them to help bring this innovative product to market.​​​


"World's first interactive robot that develops with its owner. It helps the youngest to learn logical thinking, programming basics and also soft skills through entertainment and competition." - Forbes


"Photon is an ideal way to introduce a child into t​he world of programming. What is most important is that Photon gives children an awesome and fun experience. Kids are so absorbed that they don’t realize the complexity of the skills they are learning." Joana Zaremba, CEO WoWSchool 


"Photon develops along with children which means that he can do as much as his owner. Thanks to this approach, we can be sure that children understand how Photon works and are motivated to play with him." - Spider's Web, Technology blog


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