We are built the capacities of regional policy makers to foster a thriving bioeconomy and empowering EU regions to maximise the use of their locally available biomass feedstock.

The POWER4BIO project aimed at increasing the capacity of regional and local policy makers and stakeholders to structure their bioeconomy and to support the emergence of a thriving bio‐based sector.

This initiative aimed empowering regional stakeholders to boost the transition towards bioeconomy regions in Europe by providing them with the necessary tools, instruments and guidance to develop and implement sound sustainable bioeconomy strategies. In particular, POWER4BIO defined a methodology based on a 3-steps approach (stakeholders engagement, regional analysis and strategy development) to guide European regions when preparing and reviewing their regional bioeconomy strategy.

Moreover, POWER4BIO relied on a comprehensive programme to foster mutual learning and intra- and interregional collaboration and networking among regional stakeholders to ensure knowledge transfer across sectors and regions and to jointly develop and complement different sustainable bioeconomy value chains within 10 participant regions member of the consortium (5 of which coming from Central and Eastern Europe) from 9 different countries.

Within this framework, META advised regional authorities how to access, run and design financial instruments and support companies to access finance.

Main ideas

  • POWER4BIO aimed at empowering EU regions to maximise the use of their locally available biomass feedstock.
  • POWER4BIO supported policy makers and other regional stakeholders to foster the transition to a bioeconomy era.
  • POWER4BIO developed a catalogue of business model pathways to fully realise the bioeconomy potential of each region.
  • POWER4BIO involved 10 regions across EU and 1 regional network, being supported by an extensive number of stakeholders.
POWER4BIO had run for 30 months, from October 2018 to March 2021.

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