Exploitation Strategy and Innovation Consultants (ESIC) initiative contributed to converting the excellent research from the EU’s Materials & Nanotech research projects into wealth-generating innovation. Launched by the European Commission, DGRTD, was run by META Group.

Services were offered to projects in the field of Nanotechnologies, Advanced materials, Advanced manufacturing and processing, supported by the EU’s Key Enabling Technologies Programme and were tailored to the projects’ specific needs, helping them address non-technological issues surrounding innovation and exploitation.

Over 300 delivered services

META Group delivered over 300 ESIC services between March 2012 and May 2015:

  • 10 Project Risk Analysis: identifying the non-technological risks and potential obstacles to the future exploitation of projects’ results;
  • 225 Exploitation Strategy Seminars: brainstorming with project partners to address previously identified risks and potential obstacles for exploitation, develop an exploitation strategy and launch an action plan, enhance project partners’ awareness of intellectual property rights and standardisation;
  • 24 Business Plan Developments: helping project partners develop a complete business plan, including solutions for financing needs, preparing for and assisting in negotiations with potential investors;
  • 11 Assistance with Patenting: supporting project partners with writing, filling and legal follow-up of patent applications;
  • 5 Assistance with Standardisation: helping project partners tackle complex standardization issues and thus exploit project results that could benefit from standards development;
  • 25 Ad hoc services: supporting any other exploitation-related activities such as e.g., experts’ participation in project meetings, feasibility studies, etc.

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