META Group has joined forces with the University of Liege and the University of Belgrade to develop a self-assessment business opportunity and planning tool.

Many European citizens could benefit from having the entrepreneurial mindset needed to start their own businesses and the agility required to continuously adapt to the evolving requirements of the market. That’s why META has joined forces with academic partners from the University of Liege and the University of Belgrade to develop a self-assessment business opportunity and planning tool, which will help would-be entrepreneurs evaluate their innovation’s potential, determine whether it will be a success, or what support they need.

The BOSS platform is specially designed for researchers, teachers, entrepreneurs, students, investors, as well as for institutions like universities, TTOs, VCs or Ministries.

This partnership strengthened the links between education, research and business by fostering an entrepreneurial mindset in teachers, researchers and students through innovative methods which enable successful creation and transfer of innovation from academia to private sector.


  • To develop Open Educational Resources (OER) in a form of Business Opportunity Self-Assessment methodology
  • Development Planning Tool, appropriate educational material in different format, and open, automatised and web-based business
  • Opportunity support system (BOSS platform)
  • To stimulate teachers’, researchers’ and students’ ability to initiate and carry out entrepreneurial projects, ranging from opportunity recognition to opportunity exploitation
  • To strengthen existing business opportunity support systems at partner organisations by incorporating innovative OER into existing practices, which secures efficient transfer of ideas to market and encourages university-industry collaboration

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