The DeremCo project aims to establish a Circular Economy solution that will unlock the cost-effective reuse of post-use composite materials and components in new high-added value products.

The developed solutions will be based on the inter-relation between the technical and social eco-systems at local and interregional levels to bring benefit to the environmentindustry, consumers and the European society. The DeremCo consortium’s members have been selected to combine suitable knowledge, industrial background, as well as capability to commercially exploit the outputs of this project, thus unlocking the demand-driven Circular Economy approach.

DeremCo, as Investments project, will demonstrate the developed solutions with different cross-sectorial industrial use cases. These have been classified according to the required processes into two different pilot strategies for unlocking the potential of End-of-Life composite materials as manufacturing sources. The project combines geographical areas with the highest utilization of composites and its Consortium is based on complementary in smart specialization on technical enablers. DeremCo counts 30 partners from 7 European Countries.

How is META Group helping

META Group operates internationally to shape knowledge-based opportunities from the idea to the start-up and scale-up stages. The focus is use of research results and innovation support, including open innovation, start-up creation, access to early-stage funding and Smart Specialisation Strategies.

Within DeremCo project, META Group is responsible for the tasks related to business modeling, exploitation, financing and market uptake, so it supports consortium partners in developing business models and plans to ensure sustainability of business after the end of the project. META will also coordinate and manage open calls of the project.

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