iEPB is a EU-funded project at the forefront of energy performance innovation. The mission is to elevate energy efficiency standards across the EU, through optimisation of practices, environmental consciousness and performance assessments. This includes the alignment of existing Energy Performance Certifications, the use of innovative complementary tools, and a shared data model for EPB assessments.

The initiative involves a collaborative effort of 12 international partners, from four European countries (Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Austria): Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación Fundación, EPB Center, Fundacion Cener, Certificación Energética, Stichting Isso, Energie Agentur Steiermark Gemeinnutzige, Fundatecyr, Asociación Empresarial Hotelera y Turística de la Comunidad Valenciana, Buro De Haan Informatie Technologie, De Haan Dienstverlening & Management, Baubiologisches Institut Osterreich, META Group, and Fondazione Icons.

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iEPB’s methodology focus on 4 main pillars:

  • Common data model development: aims for universal applicability and coherence by collaborating with validated EPB Assessment software for standardized assessments.
  • Operational implementation: demonstrates added value in operational ecosystems, showcasing benefits for multiple target groups, through the integration of multiple assessments within a unified framework.
  • EPB assessment quality: prioritizes actual building data, addressing deficiencies in Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for upcoming EPBD provisions.
  • Market support and stakeholder engagement: supports the market adoption of EPB Assessment tools by fostering synergies and enhancing overall effectiveness and acceptance in the building performance landscape.


The project aims to enhance EPC integration, streamline data processing for building assessments, improve EPC accessibility and user-friendliness, ensure EU-compliant EPB Assessments, and demonstrate practical effectiveness. Hard impacts involve professionals enhancing practices and end-users improving understanding, usage, and trust in EPB assessments through iEPB tools. Soft impacts result from various planned activities, including stakeholder analysis, instrument development, testing, training, and public outreach.


iEPB supports European countries in adopting EPBD recast provisions by utilizing pilot environments in Spain, The Netherlands, and Austria, involving key stakeholders to provide real-world data for validating iEPB’s solutions across diverse building typologies and varying degrees of EPBD implementation.

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