IMPAC3T-IP is an EU-funded action that addresses scenario-based licensing for stakeholders in the IP value chain. The project is developing a toolbox and an associated training program to support licensing in three key situations: Classical +, Crisis, Co-creation.

The new toolbox for sustainable IP licensing

IMPAC3T-IP is an ambitious project designed to enhance the landscape of intellectual property (IP) licensing. Its primary objective is to create, test, and promote the use of a scenario-based licensing toolbox. This toolbox will be supported by a certification program for users and trainers, facilitating more efficient IP licensing processes that contribute to market expansion and societal benefit.


The initiative, known as IMPAC3T-IP, aims to identify the weaknesses in current licensing tools across three key areas: stakeholders, IP assets, and licensing outcomes. Additionally, it will explore emerging technology trends to determine their potential integration into the toolbox, either immediately or in future updates.

A crucial aspect of the project involves the iterative development and refinement of the toolbox, guided by input from stakeholders. Following its completion, the toolbox will be launched and disseminated alongside a sustainable training program—the IMPAC3T-IP Academy—designed to certify both users and trainers.

Once these objectives are met, IMPAC3T-IP anticipates a broader range of achievable licensing outcomes, going beyond mere economic gains to include societal impacts and socially responsible licensing practices. Furthermore, the initiative aims to expand the types of IP assets supported for licensing, moving beyond traditional industrial rights like patents and trademarks to encompass modern digital technologies such as IoT, AI, ML, and mobile technologies. This expansion includes areas like data sharing agreements and the licensing of standards essential patents (SEPs). Through these efforts, IMPAC3T-IP seeks to promote innovation and foster a more inclusive and sustainable environment for IP licensing.

The Consortium is composed of the following partners: META Group (coordinator), Universidad de Alicante, University College Dublin, Demola, Areopa, Atrineo, ASTP, and an associate partner: e-Lucid.

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