ECO2Fuels: Paving the way for the first CO2 to e-fuel conversion system
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The fossil fuels used in the energy sector is responsible for about 75% of the current CO2 emissions.

Few things have worse reputation than fossil fuels. This is because their intensive use in the energy sector is responsible for about 75% of the current CO2 emissions. As it is well known, this threatens to turn the planet into a climate hell.

But what if we could reverse the process and produce clean fuels and chemical products from the CO2 by polluting industries?

The ECO2Fuel project aims to change this paradigm by building the first CO2 to clean fuel conversion system worldwide. It involves designing, manufacturing, operating, validating, and bringing to the market a ground-breaking industrial process and technology.

Researchers expect the project results to convert 742 tons of CO2 per year into economical and sustainable liquid e-fuels (produced from renewable or decarbonised electricity) and chemicals.

Horizon2020 supports the five-year project. 15 international partners, from the chemical, energy, hydrogen, mechanical engineering and automotive industry, and several research institutions implemented the project.

ECO2Fuels: reaching the first CO2 to e-fuel conversion system

As the ECO2Fuel exploitation partner, META Group is adopting a demand-led (problem-driven) approach. The objective is to address the needs and problems of the potential adopters of ECO2Fuel’s results. This means selecting and validating potential users based on the unique value proposition. Another crucial part of the exploitation effort is identifying the necessary steps. This is not just to secure further funding, but also to reach the market once the project is completed.

The process involves tools tested in previous European projects, as well as during the delivery of services to SMEs and start-ups. It will use the “build, measure, learn” formula from the Lean Startup approach to involve stakeholders, finalise business plans and enable impact. META Group will also provide support to manage IP and ownership issues once the use model for each result is defined.

“META Group commits to employing its unique experience, paving the way for ECO2Fuel’s results to reach the market. Our approach assumes that the use of a result is at the base for generating an impact. The change and the benefit we are looking for”, said Antonello Fiorucci, EU Project Designer at META

Supporting technological innovation

Almost every industry in the world uses carbon in some form. It is an essential element in the production of fuels, electronics, and various materials and alloys. However, CO2 emissions related to fossil fuels are a global concern driving political, scientific and societal efforts to decarbonise the economy.

CO2 emissions from energy use are a major contributor to climate change and account for approximately 75% of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, according to Eurostat. Climatic conditions (cold/long winter or hot summer), economic growth, population size, transport and industrial activities are some of the factors influencing emissions.

Supporting innovation and technologies that enable decarbonisation is one of the main ways to achieve the climate and emissions reduction goals across the economy.

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