Horizon Results Booster: 500 completed services
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The Booster helps EU research initiatives grow and achieve societal impact.

Over 500 free support services have been delivered to EU research projects under the Horizon Results Booster (HRB). HRB is an initiative of the European Commission.

The Booster aims at helping public funded research teams go beyond their dissemination and exploitation obligations. Also they help them to create concrete value of research and innovation to generate societal impact.

The programme provides free expert services to closed or ongoing research projects funded by FP7, Horizon 2020, or Horizon Europe programmes in three main areas:

  • The Portfolio Dissemination & Exploitation Strategy package divided into three modules: Modules A and B aim to build greater capacity to disseminate research results, while Module C supports the exploitation potential of research projects.
  • Business Plan Development helps beneficiaries to develop a business strategy
  • Go-to-Market supports projects in preparing the commercialisation of their products or services.

Most of the completed services (70%) have been delivered for Portfolio Dissemination & Exploitation Strategy, with 129 services for Module A, 41 for Module B, and 188 for Module C. Almost 100 services have been completed within the Business Plan Development, while the Go-to-Market service has been delivered 64 times.

Over 2,500 beneficiaries and 6,700 organisations have participated so far in HRB, with the involvement of more than 200 experts delivering the services.

Horizon Results Booster: 500 completed services

Since the start of the programme in 2020, HRB supported nearly 900 research projects with technical expertise and training, enabling them to build a foundation for growth.

One example is WATEREYE, an EU-funded project that aims to reduce the complex and costly maintenance of offshore wind turbines. The team has benefited from HRB’s exploitation & dissemination and business plan development services, and they are now ready to reach the market.

MEISTER is another good example of an EU-funded project that seeks to maximize the impact of research results. The MEISTER team works in the electromobility market and has ambitious plans to improve the collaboration of charging point operators, e-mobility providers, housing companies and cities.

After benefiting from HRB services, the team acquired the necessary tools and methodologies to bring its products and services closer to the market. “The Go-to-Market service was very important because it helped us go into details and come up with real figures, analyse our final customers and the market. But it’s not possible to go in depth if you don’t go through the previous services and do the work. So, all three services are important and relevant and follow a certain logic,” explained Ángel Moya, project manager of MEISTER.

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Horizon Results Booster aims to bring a continual stream of innovation to the market and maximise the impact of public funded research within the EU. It provides expert free of charge support services to boost the exploitation potential of research results, support dissemination efforts, and the go-to-market process.

It also helps applicants to identify similar or complementary projects from any other EU, national or regional funding initiatives, form clusters and create critical mass. The services are provided by experts from a consortium of specialized companies: META Group, Ecorys EuropeICONSTrust-IT ServicesBDO, and PNO.

Find out more and apply for one or more services by filling the online application form here: www.horizonresultsbooster.eu