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One year into the Horizon Results Booster, how are we doing?

We’ve delivered 170 services to date, helping EU projects to achieve their dissemination and exploitation objectives.

Our most popular service was “Portfolio Dissemination and Exploitation Service Module C” whereby we review the key exploitable results of your project, revise, complement and clarify exploitation plans, and help you to perform a risk analysis related to the exploitation of results.
Here’s the breakdown of the marks out of 5 that our participants gave us per service:
Overall, our participants give us a score of 4/5 for services delivered!
To break that down further:
  • For content, participants gave us 4/5.
  • For overall experience, 4/5.
  • For our experts, 4/5.
  • And 4/5 participants said that they would recommend us to other projects.
And we’re only going to get better. We’ve received feedback from the majority of our participants, and we’re duly improving our services.

Some testimonials

Here’s what some of our participants had to say:

“Working with contents from the projects always help defining project impact and activities beyond the current project. Very practical. Thanks.” 

“I think these sessions are very good to have and should not be done at the last step of the project (lesson learned for coming projects! ;)).”

“The two experts were very well prepared and did engage a lot with our not so easy group! Thank you both for your help and your patience!”

“The HRB delivery team were very efficient and very practical in their approach and interactions. Unlike so many such projects, HRB seems less constrained by protocols, which suggests a much better outcome when projects reach the stage where they need to be commercially robust. Well done to all involved.” 

“It was an overall useful experience that I would truly recommend. We are looking forward to keep growing with the booster in the next steps.” 

“Very useful and constructive – wish I had known about it earlier in the project. Will take forward a lot of ideas for future proposals.” 

“Really appreciated the HRB service and the methodology used to characterize the key exploitable results. It’s important to have someone from outside the consortium who challenges ideas and help to develop exploitation pathways. I would definitively recommend it.” 

“Super good programme and very flexible and hands-on.”

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