The Lean Startup Academy is an unique opportunity to mature your business by systematically testing your ideas against the market with the support of experts.

​The course will help you to identify who your priority customers should be initially, what is the right value proposition for them and how to reach them.

The first Lean Startup Academy will support 10 European eHealth startups to improve their business model through an intensive programme delivered by experienced trainers. In order to register, be sure to present your case before April 28, 2017.

This free-of-charge training will be delivered online during ten weeks, from May 15 to July 21, and in one live session on June 15 – June 16 from 9:00-18:00 at the ICEEfest Bucharest. Participants will have free access to the workshop and to ICEEhealth stage, as well as a 50% discount to join other stages.

Companies will have access to a wide array of experts for one-to-one coaching customized to fit the specific needs of each participant, as well as specific support in connecting with healthcare organizations at international level for market validation

The training is based on Lean Startup and Customer Development methodologies, and uses the ´flip classroom´ approach with an important focus on the expertise of mentors. Participants will be pushed to share their experiences, re-think their current business approach focusing on solving customers’ needs, and get out of the building to validate their assumptions.


Two main blocks of topics will be covered during the training:

Idea generation → What to learn from start-ups

  • The mindset: Start small. Experiment
  • Involve customers. Fail. Iterate

Validation → Idea development and testing outside the building

  • Getting customer feedback with fast-made prototypes of an idea
  • Testing Business Models and validate the results
  • Pivot Workshops will follow the flipped classroom approach: video materials will be provided on-line before the coaching, and time in Brussels will be mainly devoted to team-work, discussion, debates and review.