META Group Appoints New CEO and President


We are pleased to announce the recent appointment of Alessia Melasecche Germini as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of META Group. Aswell, Andrea Di Anselmo is the new President of the company.

Alessia Melasecche succeeds the co-founder Luigi Amati. Alessia is an experienced executive who has been an integral part of the entrepreneurial journey of the company. Luigi will continue to play a pivotal role in META Group’s future development as a board member.

Andrea Di Anselmo, co-founder, was appointed as the new President of META Group. Andrea has acted as Vice President since the company’s inception.

“As we move into an era of increasing innovation demand, it is great to see META Group still leading across Europe after 30 years since its foundation. It is even greater to see this happening while smoothly transitioning towards a new generation of leaders, full of energy, enthusiasm, and passion about the knowledge-to-market path,” says Luigi Amati.

From knowledge to market

This recent change also mirrors the evolution of the complex ecosystem in which META Group operates. The science community is constantly faced with the challenge of translating research results into societal impact. META Group bridges the gap between researchers, investment groups, corporates and policymakers. META Group provides expert support in building up knowledge-intensive startups and scaleups.

“This change comes as a natural stage in the organization’s evolution after reaching maturity, refining its strategy, and moving towards the next phase of growth. It also reflects META Group’s current focus on strengthening the company’s leadership position in maximizing the exploitation and impact of innovation.” – Alessia Melasecche Germini, CEO of META Group.

The other main shareholders of META Group will continue to be actively involved in the company’s activities. This includes, of course, the third co-founder Anna Amati and Francesca Natali.

Making Innovation Happen

META Group operates internationally in the field of creation and development of research-based companies to make the knowledge-to-market process effective and profitable. It provides advisory, strategy, training, and implementation services to governments & development agencies, public & private investors, research organizations, start-ups & entrepreneurs.

Having supported thousands of researchers, universities, and innovation players, META Group is the European pioneering leader in exploiting research results funded by the European Commission’s Framework Programs. For almost three decades, the company has helped innovators translate science concepts into concrete, impactful solutions while providing innovation policy expertise to EU institutions, governmental organisations, and consultancy/services/financial companies worldwide through three main pillars:

  • Advisory: Hundreds of international institutions and national and regional agencies supported through innovation and entrepreneurship policy and strategy services.
  • Academy: More than 15.000 R&D projects participants coached and tutored with proprietary formats on investor readiness and go-to-market.
  • Investment: Unique expertise in developing and implementing public/private equity financial instruments with a large portfolio of innovative companies and hundreds of millions of euros deployed in various funds in several European countries.

META Group appoints new CEO and president

About Alessia Melasecche Germini
Alessia Melasecche Germini is the CEO of META Group. She started as a junior expert in the company 20 years ago. From there, Alessia developed her career working across a variety of innovation services dedicated to increasing the impact of research. She holds strong operational and strategy capabilities coupled with a strong academic background and entrepreneurial skills. These skills made her the unanimous choice of the META Group shareholders to guide the new development phase of the company. Alessia has an academic background in Economics in Economy and Business, a PhD in Internationalization of SMEs. She is a former University Marketing Professor at the Faculty of Business of Perugia, Italy.

About Andrea Di Anselmo
Andrea Di Anselmo is co-founder and President of META Group. He is a seasoned international expert in innovation strategies, financial tools and support to knowledge-intensive enterprises, and exploitation of research results. Andrea has a background in civil engineering and research experience in materials science at the University of Storrs Connecticut (USA). He is member of the Board of Directors of different EU associations.

About Luigi Amati
Luigi Amati is co-founder and board member of META Group, President of META Ventures and President of Business Angels Europe, the Confederation of European Angel Investing. He graduated Summa cum Laude in Engineering from the University of Rome. Luigi also holds a Master of Science and a Diploma from Imperial College London. His career started as a researcher and software engineer in Computational Mechanics at LUSAS. This is a spin-off of Imperial College in London.