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Three decades ago – while the world was enjoying Nirvana’s last album and Nelson Mandela was receiving the Nobel Peace Prize – in the heart of Italy, META Group emerged as a knowledge-based consulting firm founded by a group of visionaries.  

What initially began as an engineering firm in Terni (Umbry region), expanded its horizons to become an international powerhouse, with a presence in Italy, Belgium, Poland, and Slovenia. Very soon, the company became pioneers in the field of Regional Innovation and Technology Transfer Strategies, collaborating with RITTS Umbria.  

Fostering entrepreneurship, knowledge transfer and innovation

In 2000, META Group shifted gears with a strategic focus on University spin-offs. Our approach, rooted in a technology-driven and problem-centric methodology, proved revolutionary. This shift not only spawned proprietary tools and methodologies but also became the cornerstone of our commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, knowledge transfer, and innovation. 

Our problem-solving approach is based on the observation that solution-based strategies often falter. By learning from our experiences, we emphasised the importance of understanding customers and the problem/customer fit. The lean start-up approach became integral to our structured methodology, especially when collaborating with researchers. 

Contractor for the European Commission: Horizon Results Booster initiative

Since 2020, we have been at the forefront of the European Commission’s Horizon Results Booster initiative. This game-changing endeavour aligns clearly with META Group’s core mission: optimising the utilisation of research outcomes. Our participation in this initiative brings us immense pride, recognising our potential to catalyse transformative impacts. The Horizon Results Booster is distinguished by its reliance on a top-notch group of experts proficient in a diverse array of topics.  

Their role is to assist, guide, and support EU funded research teams in maximising the broader impact of their results. This initiative stands as an example of our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and ensuring that research results not only flourish but also contribute significantly to societal progress. 

META Group Inspiring and reshaping innovation and research

For nearly three decades, we have nurtured entrepreneurship at both micro and macro scales—mentoring researchers, empowering entrepreneurs, developing innovation strategies, and managing regional co-investment early-stage funds 

Today, META Group encapsulates this wealth of experience in a diverse range of solutions and proven methodologies, addressing the most pressing challenges faced by research and innovation actors worldwide. Our journey continues to inspire and reshape the landscape of innovation, ensuring that knowledge finds its way from inception to market fruition.