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AESIS, the Network for Advancing and Evaluating the Societal Impact of Science and META signed a collaboration agreement to boost the use of research results and their impact in the Social Science and Humanities domains

“The collaboration aims at further developing methods and tools to support the use of R&D results in Social Sciences and Humanities and boost their impact. Despite the strong potential of this research, it is not considered in the same way as STEM disciplines when it comes to funding, attention to its results and their adoption outside the academia” said META’s vice-president Andrea Di Anselmo.
The International Network for Advancing and Evaluating the Societal Impact of Science (AESIS) is an organisation that aims to connect science with society. They bring together stakeholders from the academic world, government, business, and civil society to exchange best practices and expertise on the impact of science on the economy, culture, the environment, societal wellbeing, and more.

The AESIS Network is convinced that advancing societal impact: 

  • can only be robust if based on a well-balanced insight on how the impact of science on society can be measured;
  • should investigate the impact of the humanities, the social sciences and the hard sciences in one comparable approach for accountability;
  • should preferably include both the societal impact of scientific research and university education.
This aligns with META’s vision of driving knowledge to use – not only STEM knowledge but also the one stemming out from social sciences and humanities. META helps researchers to transform their expertise and results into impact, achieving long-lasting effects on the community and society at large.
META is an expert in exploiting the results of research activities, especially those from EC funded programmes. For over 25 years, META supported in using research results more than 5.000 SMEs, research and technology organizations, and coached and tutored 20.000+ R&D projects participants.
SSH research will play a more important role in the new Horizon Europe Framework going forward and it will be essential to maximise the returns to society from this investment.
  • Currently, META is leading Horizon Results Booster, the support service for dissemination, exploitation and valorisation of research results, supported by the European Commission. The goal of the Horizon Results Booster is to elicit meaningful impact from the excellent research being funded by the European Union.
Social sciences and humanities research projects funded under H2020 and HorizonEurope are more than welcome to avail of these services – fill out an application form today! 
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