Tips For Successful Financing

Even the most successful and innovative businesses are faced at the beginning of their journey with a major hurdle: funding.

No matter the stage your start-up is in, understanding the financing process and having access to right tools and skills will help you and your team secure the funds you need to develop your company further.

There are a few general principles that all startups should keep in mind when raising capital. Here are some of them, based on our experience of assisting innovators and investors alike.

#1 Plan Well

When raising funds, you should not only think about how you are going to spend the money. The results you want to achieve, the road map, and the next rounds of funding are equally important when looking for capital. Start looking for financing options before running out of funds because it can take as long as six to nine months to finalize the fundraising process.

#2 Ensure your start is fundable

There are industry standards for startups at each stage of development. Investors won’t provide funding unless you meet them. Check your progress cap table, traction, and team composition before you start your fundraising process. This is very important, otherwise you will lose the most important resource you have, your time.

#3 Gear up for it

You should be fully armed before you kick off your fundraising process. Prepare all the necessary documents. Do some research on the potential investors and make up your mind on how the deal should look like.

#4 Have an exit plan

Show you know the rules of the game. Investors invest to exit. They are looking for profitable exit options in the shortest possible time. Show them an appealing and reasonable exit option to increase your chances of being financed.

#5 Build a compelling pitch

Having a good pitch is essential no matter who you talk with. Whether you need to attract new partners, convince investors or write a winning grant, you must adapt your message to convey a powerful story that speaks to both organisations and individuals. Make sure they understand how big the problem you are solving is. Create urgency and FOMO. Be clear, share your vision and keep your energy high because this will show how passionate you are about the project. Note that some doors will only open once.

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