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Having delivered 442 services to 147 research organisations from 27 countries over the past 3 years, IP Booster has finally come to a close.

The expert advice given to the participants will help to ensure better technology transfer and gives research organisations an applied understanding of intellectual property issues so that they can transform research results into real-world impact.

Researchers across Europe have benefited from the professional IP services delivered by META Group and Deloitte. The services were provided free-of-charge to beneficiaries of EU funding.

“The service had several major impacts on me,” said Dr Mislav Jelic, Associate Professor of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University Hospital Center Zagreb, Croatia.

“First of all, I understood the potential of the technology. Secondly, your report attracted the investors and the due diligence that they did, especially the report you delivered, was a most important document in negotiating a deal. Thirdly, I was able to modify the way I negotiated the deal with my investors, since your report allowed me to have a strong position during the negotiations.”

“The report is very insightful and offers interesting leads for further development and collaboration,” said Brechtje Vreenegoor, Knowledge & Technology Transfer Officer at Radboud Innovation – The Netherlands, having received the summary report of the IP evaluation service.

“The two reports are helping us to take the more suitable actions to give value to our work,” said Prof. Antonio Scilimati of University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Italy, who has been working on a kit for diagnosing ovarian cancer using molecular methods.

“The Italian patent has been transformed, as suggested by you, into PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) and the market evaluation provides us the strength to negotiate the technology transfer to the appropriate industrial companies that can transform the patent claims in a marketable product to sell: the kit for molecular diagnosis of ovarian cancer.”

If you are a public research organisation that could have benefited from IP Booster, we encourage you to consider the Horizon Results Booster, as it may have services that could be of interest.