Yooliv Tool

​The entire community of Angers sleeps more soundly since last July, when 50 communication tools were distributed among the elderly in the city who are isolated and at risk of exclusion.

These new products were created by Yooliv thanks to the Social Challenges Innovation Platform, which is based on META Innovation Platform“This product exists thanks to META,” says Christophe Houze, its creator.

META Innovation Platform uses challenge-based innovation to solve local problems. In this case, the city of Angers, via its Economic Agency (Aldev), launched a challenge to identify isolated elderly people and prevent risks.

The best solution came from Christophe Houze, CEO of Yooliv. He has developed a communication device that detects when an elderly person need care and alerts caregivers. It’s very easy to use and to install.

With the €50.000 grant received from the EU funded Social Challenges project, Christophe worked on improving its prototype and creating the first 50 units.

The postmen from La Poste (French postal service company), also involved in the project, distributed the product among the elderly isolated people in Angers and they have already started using it.

With Yooliv, the elderly people from Angers are less dependent and are better connected. The new version has integrated five different Smileys that allow the elderly to express their mood every day. The Social Action Centre of Angers is collecting the data and responds personally every day. The object also includes a call function and many customizations are possible.

The tool responds to the name of LEA and has already become Angers’ most popular neighbors! Christophe and his partners are receiving very positive feedback from users and the product will be ready to industrialize soon.