Past training

April 23 - 25, 2024

3 days

1790 EUR VAT excl.

EU Quarter, Brussels, Belgium

Become a master in writing an Impact-oriented EU proposal

Dive into META Group’s impact section training. Horizon Europe programme is Impact-driven, and addressing the project’s impact is widely acknowledged as the most challenging aspect of proposal writing. The score of the impact section significantly influences the overall proposal evaluation 

This specialised training was created to focus on the Impact section of EU Horizon proposals. Since 2020, META Group has been the framework contractor of the European Commission’s Horizon Results Booster support to grant beneficiaries. Daily, our experts witness the challenges that projects face in making a substantial impact. 

This unique training will guide you through the features and mandatory points of the Excellence, Impact and Implementation sections, specifically focusing on creating impact. META Group experts will coach you to get the necessary knowledge and tools to maximise your chances of winning a Horizon Europe proposal. 

Acquired skills

  1. Identify and articulate the societal, economic, technological and scientific impacts of your project; 
  2. Align your objectives with Horizon Europe policy framework;
  3. Structure your proposal to effectively address the Impact related evaluation criteria;
  4. Develop compelling narratives integrating impact and sustainability;
  5. Foster effective collaborations with your consortium partners.

Who can participate?

Anyone eager to enhance and excel in writing impactful Horizon Europe proposals in the research and innovation sector

Level: Intermediate and advanced.

The training is limited to 15 people*

* A minimum of  6 participants needs to be confirmed.  

30 years of experience

Having a solid experience in proposal writing and EU-funded project development, META Group has selected its best-experienced trainers to advise and coach you on how to build up and write a comprehensive and impactful proposal.

In addition to a successful experience in winning Horizon Europe grants, META Group has been also the framework contractor of the European Commission for the Horizon Results Booster support to grant beneficiaries since 2020. 

Register now for our training! Our experts will give you all the chances to win an EU Horizon Europe proposal by focusing on preparing an excellent Impact section. 

Day 1

9h30 - 17h30

Setting the foundation for successful project planning 

Focus on Expected Impact and on How the Impact influences the Excellence section.
  • Understanding your pain points in addressing the “Impact” of Horizon Europe proposals
  • Exploring the role of Impact in the Horizon Europe policy: Policy Priorities, Strategic Plan, Work Programmes, Destinations, Calls, Topics
  • Reading the call for proposals with a focus on Expected Outcomes and Impacts
  • Understanding the preparation process – from the decision to apply to the award decision:
      1. Formulating the initial proposal concept
      2. Identifying Key Exploitable Results (KERs), Outcomes, and Impacts aligned with the call topic and destination
      3. Designing a winning consortium with Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication in mind
      4. Developing a workplan tailored for the production of the Key Exploitable Results and for impact maximisation through Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication
      5. Negotiating baseline terms of the consortium agreement to secure the possibility of exploiting and disseminate results
  • Understanding the Logic of Intervention (Logical Framework Matrix)
  • Focusing on “Excellence”: links with the Impact section:
    1. Defining what the Excellence section is and its relationship with the Impact section
    2. Exploring specific topics:
      • State-of-the-art and Unique Value Proposition
      • Using Advisory Boards to pave the way to use
      • Open science practices to enhance Impact

Hands-on session: deconstructing the call for proposal and defining the logic of intervention of your project to contribute to expected outcomes.

Day 2

9h30 - 17h30

The Impact section in the frame of an Impact-driven programme – the very key to success.

  • The section 2. Impact: understanding what it is all about and how to maximise it.
  • Impact section glossary: Impacts, Outcomes, KERs, target groups (adopters – users – beneficiaries), ecosystem members – stakeholders, Exploitation/Use of results, Dissemination, Communication, Early adopters
  • Tips & tricks for smooth management of the writing process in developing the Impact section
  • Developing a solid methodological approach for effective addressing and writing:

2.1 Pathways towards Impact

    • Drafting and illustrating the Pathway towards Impact
    • Utilising the Outcomes table, scale and significance 
    • Defining the contribution to expected impacts, scale and significance
    • Addressing requirements and barriers

2.2 Measures to maximise the impact

    • Defining Exploitation (intentions and use model, characterisation table), intellectual asset management (background and foreground)
    • Planning the Dissemination (KER, targeted early adopters, channels, messages, …)
    • Developing communication (targets, channels, messages, …)

2.3 Impact Summary: approaching the new section – from the Impact Canvas to the Impact Summary

Hands-on session: designing the Pathways towards Impact of your project.

Day 3

9h30 - 13h30

Implementation and evaluation of proposals for EU services relevant to Impact.

  • Focusing on “Implementation”: links with the Impact section
    • Introduction to Section 3
    • How to prepare the Work Package on Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication: key activities (exploitation workshops), mandatory deliverables (PERD, RDM plan, RoL), purchase of goods and services for mobilising outcomes, defining the risks related to Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication, and a balanced estimated budget for PERD.

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