Despite Europe’s commendable progress in fostering innovation and nurturing new ventures, underlying structural weaknesses persist. The fragmentation of Europe’s capital markets leads to risk-averse attitudes, while significant regional disparities challenge the continent’s growth trajectory. Addressing these challenges is crucial for Europe to attain the resilience and autonomy required for a sustainable future.

ESIL aims to enhance the innovation and investment landscapes across the European Union by bolstering angel investing communities. Starting from 2024, this new programme will target countries with less developed angel investing sectors, namely Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Romania, Poland, and Hungary. A particular emphasis will be placed on mentoring women and young investors, and promoting investment diversityThe initiative’s vision is to empower the evolving face of European angel investment and strengthen gender parity among investors. ESIL’s ultimate goal is to cultivate and empower the next generation of business angels, leveraging the potential of diverse participants from various geographies and communities. This new generation will bring fresh insights and investment capabilities to support our future technology leaders, ensuring a thriving and diverse investment and innovation environment across Europe. ESIL seeks to harness the energy and diversity of the younger generation in emerging European economies. It plans to concentrate their support and capacity-building efforts in these regions, fostering collaboration to build a vibrant and interconnected European angel community. Their vision is clear: to nurture and develop the next generation of angel investors across Europe.


The next gen of angels

ESIL is spearheading the establishment of a new community of business angel investors to drive the next wave of innovation and cultivate future-leading technology champions. With a commitment to fresh perspectives and forwardthinking ideas, this community aims to leverage their investment prowess to champion groundbreaking solutions addressing pressing challenges both in Europe and on a global scale. Their strategy focuses on harnessing the transformative power of digitalisation and technological advancements, promoting ESG principles (Environmental, Social and Governance), and unlocking the potential of a diverse investment landscape. Emphasising gender parity and inclusion, ESIL aspires to create an environment that supports both investors and the innovative entrepreneurs they intend to back.

Funded by the European Union through the European Innovation Council and SME Executive Agency EISMEA, ESIL is executed by a consortium of seasoned ecosystem participants deeply rooted in European investment and innovation circles, comprising META Group, BAE, and Bpifrance.

Business angels, early-stage investors, members of crowdfunding networks, and entrepreneurs are encouraged to join the ESIL community on EuroQuity to engage with fellow investors, crowdfunding platforms, venture capitalists, and innovative companies.

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