Helping FP7 and Horizon2020 projects reach the market

Common Exploitation Booster successfully explored innovative ways to help EC research projects bridge the gap between creating and exploiting their research results.

All FP7 and Horizon2020 projects could ask the Commission for the tailored services provided by Common Exploitation Booster. These services covered:

  • raising awareness on exploitation possibilities
  • recognizing valuable and exploitable results
  • anticipating possible conflicts preventing successful exploitation
  • setting up roadmaps for the long-term sustainability of project results
  • facilitating open innovation and (re)use of project results
  • creating value out of novel knowledge – for example, creating revenues, improving an organisation’s skill set, preparing for patenting standardization, and finding optional pathways for future work.

“Demonstrably successful…demand outstripped supply

Tellingly, demand outstripped supply: projects were still requesting CEB services eleven months after the budget was exhausted.

In late 2017 META began publishing a series of blog posts and downloadables setting out the lessons learnt, starting with: 

CEB Services at a Glance

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