BIA Separations

BIA Separations, part of META INGENIUM investments in Slovenia, was elected National Champion at the 2015-2016 European Business Awards​.

As National Champion, BIA Separations will advance to the next stage of the competition as one of 10 Ruban d’Honneur recipients in The UKTI Award for Innovation.

BIA Separations

BIA Separations is the leading developer and manufacturer of CIM® (Convective Interaction Media) monolithic chromatographic columns for production, purification, and analytics of large biomolecules.

BIA Separations is headquartered in Austria, with a research and production facility in Slovenia and sales offices in the US and China. The company’s mission is to develop and produce CIM® monolithic columns of highest quality and provide superior research and method development services for purification and analytics of biomolecules.​ ​

BIA Separations is ​one of the META INGENIUM investments conducted by META in Slovenia. INGENIUM is a co-investment fund specialised in providing venture capital & business support to knowledge intensive companies in early stages of their development (mainly Seed and Start-up, but also considering Expansion) in any type of region with at least 1-2 million inhabitants.


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