FET2RIN Training Course for FET Projects
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Supporting FET projects to reach out investors.

​​​​​​FET2RIN​ aims at facilitating collaborations to set the ground for the take up of Future and Emerging Technologies and FET projects by overcoming obstacles. They are related to market outreach and accessing business leaders including entrepreneurs, early stage investors and crowdfunding communities.​​

FET2RIN​ – Helping FET Projects to reach the market.

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FET2RIN’s main goal is helping researchers to learn how to rapidly develop and test novel solutions by gathering feedbacks. Many projects fail to generate impact, as startups fail to succeed on the market, by not validating their ideas early on, with real-life customers. To mitigate that, researchers attending FET2RIN workshops will learn how to apply the lean start-up approach. Additionally, they will know how to get “out of the lab” and search for unmet needs likewise validate their impact related assumptions. Lean Startup is a new, field-tested philosophy that, within FET2RIN, provides researchers with a toolset to increase chances of generating impact for their projects.


FET2RIN Training Course for FET

Another key point is that our coaches will guide FET teams through assumption identification, customer interviews, rapid experimentation. Also we will cover new exploitation opportunities. Together with FET2RIN training, it pushes teams outside their “comfort zone”. It also changes the way they look at research results in the view of use and impact.

In addition, workshops will follow the flipped classroom approach: there will be video materials on-line before the coaching. The time in Brussels will be mainly devoted to team-work, discussion, debates and review. The FET2RIN training is based on 3 workshops in Brussels, at the EBN premises. Participants will work from “home” in between the workshops. Training is free of charge. Participants can report travel, accommodation and subsistence costs as project cost for running FET projects.

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