Greenbone MotoGP

Greenbone, an Italian medtech startup specialised in bone regeneration has partnered with Clinica Mobile, the medical group of the MotoGP and Superbike World Championship


On March 28, a new Moto GP World Championship season started in Doha. It is well known new technology is being rolled out all the time in MotoGP™ and 2021 is no exception. In fact, we have seen different manufacturers such as Ducati, Aprilia or Yamaha working hard during the winter for the beginning of the season.

Innovation in the circuit

The competition has become a laboratory for innovation and the development of cutting-edge technologies. Every year, we are witness to how new technologies that are applied at the MotoGP end up in the market, also in the regards to the safety and care of the riders.
For this season, the medical and physiotherapy group of the MotoGP and Superbike World Championship Clinica Mobile has partnered with GreenBone Ortho, an Italian medtech startup working in the bone regeneration sector.

About GreenBone

GreenBoneTM is a 3D bone substitute derived from the transformation of acellular, resorbable, state-of-the-art rattan wood, with regenerative properties suitable for the surgical reconstruction of bone defects, also large-sized, including those caused by traumas.
Thanks to its biomimetic characteristics, the product is inhabited by the patient’s cells allowing the activation of a process of resorption of the device. This leads to gradual replacement with newly formed bone tissue rebuilding the portion of missing bone.

Benefits of the product

Important benefits are expected from the use of this product. For example, it limits surgical and postoperative complications, allowing for significant improvements for the patient’s quality of life and reducing postoperative recovery times. It will thus allow patients a faster return to normal life thanks to their own fully regenerated bone, with a substantial impact on reducing health and social costs. 
The partnership between Clinica Mobile and GreenBone Ortho stems from a convergence of innovative vision with regards to problems arising from traumas that seriously affect patients with a passion for motorsport. Clinica Mobile bases its “reason for being” on the need to support athletes during races, as motorcyclists and MotoGP or Superbike racing fans worldwide well know. Meanwhile, GreenBone has the objective of proposing solutions inspired by nature that help to deal decisively with bone damage issues which are still difficult to solve.
Lorenzo Pradella, CEO of GreenBone Ortho, is fascinated about entering the world of motorsport. “The history of Clinica Mobile and its pioneering approach is a source of inspiration in the development of our company and in driving innovation in the orthopaedic trauma field towards unique therapeutic solutions that benefit patients,” he says.
Michele Zasa, Medical Director of Clinica Mobile stated that “possible synergies in our sport are many and obvious. We are particularly enthusiastic about this partnership and hope to be able to work alongside GreenBone Ortho on its international development.”

From seed META investment to the MotoGP paddock

After securing European health and safety certification, and with the now-certain prospect of entering the international market, becoming official partner of Clinica Mobile is another big step for the company from Fienza.
META Ventures is proud to have noticed its potential early on, and count ourselves as one of its first investors.
GreenBone closed a first seed round of investments for €3 million from Meta Ventures, Italian Angels for Growth (IAG) and some private Italian and foreign investors in 2015, allowing the company to successfully complete a major pre-clinical study at a hospital in Assaf Harofeh (Israel) in collaboration with the Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli of Bologna.
This led to second round of investment of €8.4 million  in June 2017 – the second largest in Italy that year – which was used to finance the completion of clinical studies in load-bearing long bone defects by 2019, obtain the CE marking for Greenbone products, and conduct pre-clinical development for further applications.

€10 million series B funds raised in April 2021

On April 13, Greenbone announced the closing of a €10 m Series B investment funding round led by existing shareholders – META, 3B Future Health Fund, Innogest SGR, CDP Venture Capital Sgr, Italian Angels for Growth and other private investors.
The new funding will be intended to expand the clinical use of the product also through new developments in further indications for use such as spinal and maxillofacial surgery. The funds will also be used for the construction of a new production line and for the market launch of the approved product.
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