Scaleup academy

We are glad to invite you to the final event of the Scaleup academy run by Sezana Inkubator and META Group (co-financed by SPIRIT agency).

The pitch session will take place online on the 17th March at 5pm CET.
6 early-stage companies from the Scaleup Academy – Tickets from 100k€ to 800k€.
Featuring: automated size-modular system; high performance power catamaran with innovative material; cutting-edge telecommunication solutions for small satellites; AI-powered software to aid in material recovery; 100% natural cosmetics; lost and found system for tracking lost equipment of mountain sports lovers.

Detailed programme:

IoT/Artificial Intelligence

The company is developing ParcelBox. It is an automated size-modular system for small and big parcels (adjustable in real time) with implemented software/app and optional refrigeration fully controlled via smartphone | 350k € sought – Slovenia

Blue economy/Marine

High performance power catamaran with innovative material that reduces the yearly maintenance of the boat and the environment pollution since it doesn’t need antifouling coating. The material is 100% recyclable, and it maintains strong mechanical characteristics, which make the catamaran extra safe | 300k € sought – Slovenia

Aerospace / New Space / Small Satellites

Cutting-edge telecommunication solutions for small satellites, enabling fast and large bandwidth connectivity across the globe and remote areas. The company provides high frequency, innovative and reliable transceiver solutions ready for the next-generation satellite constellation in low Earth orbit, 5G and on-the-move ground applications | 800k € sought – Slovenia

Circular Economy / Material Recovery / AI

A unique data gathering, analyzing and visualizing solution based on computer vision and AI-powered software to aid in material recovery process. Disclosing new information for reorganization of technological processes and supply-chain to increase regeneration and efficiency. Further potential applicability in various industrial sectors | 500k € sought – Slovenia

Natural cosmetics

The company goal is the development and sale of natural cosmetics products. All of the products contain at least 95% of natural ingredients and all of them are certified by Ecogea Natural. | 120k€ sought – Slovenia

App / Mountain sports / Social Network

The company is developing a smart Lost and Found system for tracking lost equipment of mountain sports lovers (ski, climbing, mountain, biking, etc.) and give them a dedicated social network where they can join the people with same passion | 130k€ sought – Slovenia
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