META guides young entrepreneurs in Slovenia to launch their businesses
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META experts will lead young entrepreneurs through 5 weeks of a new training course designed to support the creation of new enterprises on the territory of Istria.

The first training session of the Incubatore Creativo Istria took place in Portoroz, Slovenia on 25 May 2022. It was attended by participants who were the winners of a competition launched in September 2021, which sought to find attractive initiatives to capture the interest of private investors.

Francesca Natali and Lorenzo Valeriani presented the Incubatore Creativo Istria to the competition winners. This type of support is new for this structure, meaning that this is a pioneering project for META!

META guides young entrepreneurs

For five weeks, the young innovators will benefit from mentoring and tailored workshops. Those will develop their business skills and enable them to succeed on the market. META and the Incubatore Creativo Istria will try to find ways to maximize the interest of investors. Also, one main objective will be to help entrepreneurs develop their business ideas.

“The incubator represents an initiative that brings value to the region and to the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem. I am convinced that this kind of progress has a significant impact. I therefore hope that this project can be replicated. Also, that services supporting the region’s new enterprises can expand in number and variety,” said Natali.

The idea for the incubator came from a proposal put forward by Marko Gregoric, Sandro Vincoletto and Alberto Manzin in 2017. The Europe Office of the Italian Union supported this ambitious project supported. It aims to spread and develop not only entrepreneurial culture, but also entrepreneurial creativity. Thus, it provides the tools, skills, and spaces to create an effective business environment.

“The next step will be to create a network with local companies. We have noticed that the ones that grow the most have difficulties in finding workers. We are looking at companies in the area with the intention of creating employment opportunities,” said Gregoric