Lean canvas guide

The Lean Canvas is a great tool for preparing the Exploitation or Business Plan of a research & development result and defining the use model. It supports researchers andinnovators in collecting information for the exploitation plan and helps them focus on the most important steps towards use and commercialisation.

It can help you:

  • Design the right go-to-market strategy of your project/startup/spin-off
  • Create your business plan
  • Prepare an elevator pitch
  • Understand if your current business is running well or not, if there are any critical elements, bottlenecks, things that need to be changed, etc.
  • Develop the characterization of key exploitable results (KERs), prepare the materials to be discussed at consortium meetings, and draft the exploitation/ business plan for a KER


In this guide, we show you how to use the Lean Canvas step by step.

Download the guide.


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