Pitch structure template

A pitch structure template is a valuable tool for effectively organizing and presenting information in a concise and persuasive manner.

At META Group, we developed various tools and frameworks to support  researchers and entrepreneurs in elevating their pitches to present research results or business ideas to donors or investors.

Download for free a pitch structure template that you can use when working on designing your pitch. Here are some the benefits of this template:

  • Clarity and focus: A pitch structure template provides a clear framework for organizing your thoughts and ideas.
  • Logical Flow: By following a predefined structure, you can build a persuasive storyline that takes your audience on a journey, leading them to a compelling conclusion.
  • Time Management: A pitch structure template helps you manage your time effectively during a presentation or meeting.
  • Customization and Adaptation: You can adapt the template to fit the specific needs and preferences of your target audience or the nature of your pitch.
  • Confidence: By thoroughly planning and structuring your pitch in advance, you can focus on delivering it confidently, knowing that you have a well-organized structure to guide you.